Saturday, January 10, 2009

All Grown Up-8 Months

Look how grown up my Andrew is. He still has two teeth on the bottom. I am thinking more will appear soon. He is over 20 lbs. He is in 18 month tops and 12 month pants. He definitely has a build like Grandpa Johnson. Probably the best thing about Andrew is he really loves his sister. Everything she is doing, he wants to do. He loves it when she tackles him or gives him the biggest bear hug. He also loves when she drops something he wants. Those arms have some power behind them and propel him anywhere he wants to go.
Andrew is still struggling with sleeping through the night. He will do really good for about a week, giving Mommy so much hope, but then begins to struggle again. Someday he will learn it is much better to sleep continuously at night. (I hope.)


Melody said...

Already 8 months!!!!

GrandmaJ said...

Just wait until he gets to 7th or 8th grade and wears size 13 shoe.