Sunday, May 30, 2010

Never Forget

There are some things that my children are saying and doing that I never want to forget.

When Andrew says Elizabeth, it sounds like Bi Biff. Or he will say sister.
When Elizabeth says her name, it comes out Isabeff
Andrew says his name pretty clear. He can count to ten, sing twinkle twinkle by himself, and has a good start at the alphabet.
Elizabeth can count to 20, and sings most of the letters of the alphabet. Her favorite song is popcorn popping.

Andrew is a Mommy's boy. Nighttime is still a big struggle for us. He has been waking up a 1 am and 5. He comes to bed with me at 5 and snuggles himself close to me. I know he won't do it forever, so I am trying to enjoy it.

Elizabeth is still taking an afternoon nap most days. It is wonderful. Andrew is sleeping about 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Adventure

I found a Dora bicycle at a garage sale for $3. This is Elizabeth's first try at riding her bike. She loved peddling.

A couple of weeks ago the people across the street moved and gave us the bike Andrew is sitting on. It is so nice to have a bike for each child. Andrew isn't quite tall enough to ride his yet.

When we got Elizabeth's bike home, it needed a little TLC. Andrew was more than happy to help Daddy with the repairs.
We love bikes!

New Camera

We found a good camera for an even better price while we were out shopping today. Our old camera was starting to take fuzzy pictures. I think these turned out cute.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew

Andrew is two! He is growing so big. He is a great talker. He can tell me exactly what he wants and is forming sentences. He loves his sister and includes her in most of his play. He is very much a boy. He loves wearing baseball caps like his daddy and doing boy things like fixing the car and throwing balls. His biggest love is trucks. He always has a truck in his hand. Fire trucks, police vehicles, farm trucks, and construction equipment are his favorite.

We had a great time hosting a birthday party with the Olsen's. Sami wasn't quite sure about all the presents being trucks...but Andrew loved it.
This is a garbage truck that was lost 30 minutes after he opened it. I have a feeling little hands put it in the garbage, because that's where a garbage truck is supposed to go...right!
Andrew was quite a ham with everyone taking pictures of him. He loves saying cheese and squinting his eyes while he smiles. We love our little boy.