Saturday, March 7, 2009


Mommy and I made a quick trip to Idaho for Grandpa's birthday and retirement party. I had a great time getting into Grandma's cupboards and playing with Mandi the Dog. Grandma also had this car that I loved.
Mommy and Grandma thought it would be fun to take me on my first sled ride. I wasn't very impressed. I am not used to the ground being white and cold. I like rocks. I am not used to wearing so many layers and a hat on my head.

I loved seeing my Idaho family, but I can do without the snow.

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GrandmaJ said...

It was fun to have Andrew and his Mom come for 2 nights and a day to celebrate Grandpa's retirement. Andrew cried when he was outside in the sled and on the snow, apparently a real Arizona kid! He was fine when we were in the house.