Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bisbee Sites (Toddler Version)

We spent a good 5 months living with Jeremy down in Bisbee. Because we were in a one bedroom apartment there wasn't much space for our kids to use up their energy. Every day after work Daddy would take the kids on a long walk in the stroller around the streets of Warren. (Bisbee is broken up into several different areas by hills. The area he lived in was called Warren.) This is the Vista. It always seemed to have some type of activity. On Saturday mornings people would set up for a farmer's market. They also practiced little league football here.During their walk each day they would visit 3 goats an 4 chickens at a house on powell street.
This is one of the 3 goats. The others were MIA on picture day.
This is the Greenway Elementary school. The kids explored every nook and cranny of the school grounds.
They had a fun play structure for them to play. Sometimes we would bring the buckets and shovels so they could play in the sand.
This is the ramp the kids would run up and down at least 10 times on every visit.

Look at all that space the kids had to run. There is another play structure and swings which are hard to see in this picture. I think after spending each day playing at the park in Bisbee, it has really become a tradition for Daddy to take the kids to the park on Saturday mornings. They all enjoy it.
After getting wiggles out, Daddy had the pleasure of pushing the kids back up the hill to the apartment. It is a workout to push 50 lbs of kids plus the stroller up the hill.
Thanks for taking the Bisbee Toddler Tour. Even seeing these pictures now, the kids look at them with fondness. There was a good feeling about Bisbee. Good people live there. It also helped tremendously that the climate was much better in the summer and allowed us ample time to play outside, which is a big part of our family dynamic.

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