Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Andrew is a very alert boy. If he hears his sister he will turn to where the noise is coming from. He continues to sleep well, and is very easy going while awake...Even when his sister pokes him in the eye, or gives him kisses on his feet repeatedly.

We think he looks more and more like Grandma Johnson and the Rossmillers' every day. He even has the Rossmiller curly hair like Uncle Eric.

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GrandmaJ said...

When I saw the sleeping on his side post I could see some of Uncle William in his face. Then when I saw this post I could see come of Uncle Leonard and Aunt Grace in his face. He is looking more like a Rossmiller than the first couple of days we saw him. The blog must have put a new security code in, because now I nee to type a word verification before I can post.