Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Travels

I named our family blog the Olsen Family Travels because we always seem to be in the car going somewhere. We went down to Bisbee over the weekend. My kids are such good travelers. It takes about 3 hours from doorstep to doorstep and they are always content to sit and watch the landscape go by. When they do get restless we sing songs or play games.

It was a little cold in Bisbee while we were there, and it even snowed up on the hillsides early Monday morning. This is a picture of the Huachuca mountains just south of Sierra Vista. On the other side of the mountain is the US/Mexico border.

Here's my happy traveler, Elizabeth.
And my happy traveler, Andrew.

About an hour into the ride I usually have sleeping children. I love sleeping children.

Andrew must of had the sun shining in his eyes.

Looking back to when I was young, I can always remember being in the car going somewhere. I remember one night we were traveling in our little 2 door colt up to Anaconda, MT to visit my Grandpa Johnson. I remember seeing the little dipper for the first time. Now, whenever I look up into the sky at night my eyes always look for the little dipper. I am grateful to have seen so many places up until now, and can't wait to show my children a little piece of our world in our future journeys.

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