Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew

Andrew is two! He is growing so big. He is a great talker. He can tell me exactly what he wants and is forming sentences. He loves his sister and includes her in most of his play. He is very much a boy. He loves wearing baseball caps like his daddy and doing boy things like fixing the car and throwing balls. His biggest love is trucks. He always has a truck in his hand. Fire trucks, police vehicles, farm trucks, and construction equipment are his favorite.

We had a great time hosting a birthday party with the Olsen's. Sami wasn't quite sure about all the presents being trucks...but Andrew loved it.
This is a garbage truck that was lost 30 minutes after he opened it. I have a feeling little hands put it in the garbage, because that's where a garbage truck is supposed to go...right!
Andrew was quite a ham with everyone taking pictures of him. He loves saying cheese and squinting his eyes while he smiles. We love our little boy.

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